Mother, 4 month old

A huge thank you to Chris and Rose for their guidance, support and humor during a very challenging month for me. I am a first time mum and my little one was going through the 4 month sleep regression, not sleeping in the day (at all!) teething, itchy eczema and general fussiness all at the same time! 

It was one of those afternoons as I was stomping the pavements at 4pm trying to get the little one off to sleep when I finally hit my wall. I needed a break and I needed help. I was exhausted- emotionally and physically, incredibly lonely and feeling like a failure. I had happened across Expect The Best through the Made by Mammas podcast and thought I’d reach out via Instagram and sent my first ever DM! Within 10 minutes, Chris and Rose responded and my life line had arrived. 

We worked with Chris and Rose for a month. Mainly to help me manage nap times better and learn to give myself a break when things don’t go according to ‘schedule’. They supported us through the early stages of weaning, managing jet lag and general day to day questions we all have as new parents! 

I can honestly say Chris and Rose brought me back to life. I genuinely was verging on something quite serious and their support helped me see the light. I cannot thank them enough and will be eternally grateful for what they did for me, and for my family.

Mother, 3 year old

“I am so grateful for the amazing advice and support Chris and Rose provided, nothing is too much trouble for them and they really listen. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Father, 1 year old twins

"We wanted someone who really understood the psychology and technicalities of childcare development. This is what we found in Chris. What we hadn’t expected to find was someone who would not only become part of the family but also become a coach to us as well; he genuinely loves & cares for our children as if they were his own. He is a child whisperer, who has an affinity with children that cannot be taught, backed up by a wealth of experience and training."

Mother, 2 and 5 year old

Rose taught me to have confidence in myself. She has helped me with a number of different problems that we have been experiencing, from behaviour management to potty training and next developmental milestones. Rose listened to what our values are as a family and was able to give us the advice that best suited our needs. We are so greatful. Thank you

Mother, 6 month old

Chris and Rose were amazing and gave us invaluable support during the dreaded four month sleep regression. Naps are so improved thanks to their excellent advice, and our confidence as parents has really grown. I would recommend them to anyone going through a tricky time with babies, especially if you're looking for friendly, non-judgemental and realistic support