Chris has fourteen years experience working with newborns to 10 year olds and has spent time working all over Europe with children. Chris is a trained maternity nurse, a sleep consultant and a breastfeeding specialist. The families he has worked for have played an enormous role in his life. Chris believes that each family has taught him valuable lessons and shaped the way he believes in raising children now. Chris is confident looking after multiples, having worked mainly twins over the course of his career. Chris’ god children (some of his first charges) are a constant reminder to him why hard work, consistency and kindness are imperative in creating successful, well-mannered and above all unique individuals. 

Chris lives in London with his husband James, they hope to start their own family in the future.




Rose lives in London with her twin sister, she has seven years experience working with newborns all the way up to teenagers. She was trained at Norland, where Rose was taught the important skills that have formed the basis of her work. She gained experience with multiples, memorably working with 10 month old quads and has since gone on to work with many children during her career. She gained a degree in Early Childhood Studies which has enabled her to use the theoretical knowledge she gained in a practical environment. Rose believes that we as adults are imperative in teaching children how to be successful and well-rounded adults. She is particularly interested in what the triggers are in children’s behaviour, something she was able to explore more in her ‘emotion coaching’ training.

Rose believes that it is vital to have a variety of tools in a her toolkit. Just as every child is different Rose strives to find the best approach to help both the parents and the children with whatever problems they may be experiencing. Rose takes great pleasure in helping other people to achieve their personal goals within their family.