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Problem Solving


Chris and Rose understand that no two children are the same, and neither are the issues that parents face. They offer bespoke consultancy that is tailored to a wide range of problems. 

Routine Building


Chris and Rose believe that a routine should fit the specific needs of each child and family. They allow parents to have freedom within a structure, helping to keep their children feeling safe and secure. 

Development Planning


 Building towards the next chapter is important. Chris and Rose offer consultancy services which give parents the tools to plan the next steps for their children's developmental milestones. 



The truth is, looking after children can be overwhelming and difficult. It is arguably the most important role of your life, and one people often feel the least prepared for. But that is why Chris and Rose are here, to help guide you through the more difficult times. They aim to get you feeling confident and motivated as a parent with the ultimate goal of helping you to have happy, healthy children. Expect the Best's ethos of kindness, consistency and care means that Chris and Rose aim to be judgement free, to always listen and provide the advice that best suits you and your family.

Together they created Expect the Best, a consultancy firm, that tailors their packages to meet your needs and requirements.

 Chris and Rose met in London whilst both working for different families. They believe that the love and laughter that they have found in their friendship has created the strongest foundations for their business.

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"Trusted by parents across London"


Mother, girl, 3 years old

"My daughter had previously thrown tantrums when it came to mealtimes - after a brief consultation with Rose I've learned methods to help prevent these - thank you, you are a natural"

Mother, boy, 4 months

    "I was having real trouble getting my child into a good sleep routine. After a few sessions we were able to get my son to sleep and resettle himself without the stress we used to have. Chris and Rose have given us so much confidence."

Father, twin girls, 1 year old

"We wanted someone who really understood the psychology and technicalities of childcare development. This is what we found in Chris. What we hadn’t expected to find was someone who would not only become part of the family but also become a coach to us as well; he genuinely loves & cares for our children as if they were his own. He is a child whisperer, who has an affinity with children that cannot be taught, backed up by a wealth of experience and training."

Mother, girls, 2 years and 5 years old

Rose taught me to have confidence in myself. She has helped me with a number of different problems that we have been experiencing, from behaviour management to potty training and next developmental milestones. Rose listened to what our values are as a family and was able to give us the advice that best suited our needs. We are so greatful. Thank you

Mother, boys, 2 years and 4 months old

"I was introduced to Chris by a friend and it was the best gift he could have ever given me! I was moving to another country with my first child, 3 weeks after giving birth, with no idea what to do and no NCT group or friends to lean on. Chris wrote a developmental plan for me so that I would be aware what my son should be striving to do at the various key mile-stones and it’s been my ‘go-to’ ever since. In fact, Chris’ advice was so extensive that I have a monthly retainer with him (my son is now 2 1/4 years old) to help with the on-going challenges each stage brings! This gives me access to Chris on WhatsApp or FaceTime every month and keeps me sane! Chris is a fantastic listener, knows instinctively what to do and gives me the most wonderful pep talks when I’m struggling. He has a magic spell with children, I’ve honestly never seen anything like it and without a doubt, my husband and I are better parents because of him. We are never giving Chris up!"

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